AMPIn early 2002 MCQ International (MCQI) began working with AMP, one of Australia’s largest financial services companies, to develop online assessments for financial planners and to build a training, assessment and content management system known as Assessment Central. Since that time, the system has grown with AMP’s needs into a comprehensive and large-scale training management system.

A Reliable, Flexible & Powerful Platform

Ensignia provides AMP with a stable and robust platform for delivering and managing courses and assessments via the internet. It also allows AMP to produce and maintain content with easy-to-use web-based tools. This significantly reduces costs associated with the delivery and maintenance of content in an environment where providing access to up-to-date information is essential.

Managing Diverse Training Needs

One of AMP’s great challenges when managing training for its network of financial planners is the diversity of needs among the training recipients. The strictly regulated financial services environment and specialised nature of the financial services profession means that AMP’s training and assessment systems must be capable of supporting a wide variety of diverse skills, knowledge sets, and competencies. Fortunately, this task is greatly simplified by Ensignia’s ability to represent large organisational structures and to assign training and assessments based on individuals’ positions in the organisation, along with other attributes assigned to their personal profile.

Custom Content Development & Maintenance

AMP needs to be able to develop and deliver a large number of training packages and assessments to cater to the diverse specialities of their network of financial planners. Through the use of MCQ International’s content development services and Ensignia’s Learning Content Management System functionality, AMP has been able to cost-effectively deliver a large number of courses and assessments to thousands of individuals. In addition, in an environment where regulations and legislation can change constantly, it is crucial for AMP to be able to quickly and efficiently update and maintain content with ease.

Advanced Content Delivery & Reporting Features

Ensignia offers AMP many advanced features, such as the ability to deliver adaptive assessments (where the assessment content changes according to an individual’s performance). It also allows flexible, tailored reporting of information in ways that are designed to assist in managing a large amount of data and also supports the delegation of management responsibilities throughout the AMP organisational hierarchy.

Fully Managed Application Service Provision

AMP’s installation of Ensignia is hosted and managed by MCQ International via a managed service that includes software updating, security management, 24 x 7 availability monitoring, server mirroring and data backups. With MCQI ensuring the continuous operation of the application on AMP’s behalf, we are able to take over the burden of IT system support and AMP avoids the need to acquire and manage specialised infrastructure and resources that are outside its core areas of expertise.