Essentials of Sexual Harassment

Essentials of Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Sexual harassment remains the most prevalent form of harassment in the workplace, partly due to many common misconceptions about what sexual harassment is. This Essentials of Sexual Harassment online training module provides staff with indispensible knowledge about what sexual harassment is, why it is an important issue, and how it can be recognised and avoided. The training is aimed at all levels of an organisation, and is designed to educate those who may be at risk of becoming offenders as well as potential recipients of unwanted behaviour. Sexual harassment education for all staff should be at the forefront of your organisation’s efforts to provide a workplace that is free of sexual harassment.

What the course covers

The Essentials of Sexual Harassment Awareness course covers the following major subject areas:

  • What is meant by ‘harassment’
  • What constitutes sexual harassment
  • The legal framework for sexual harassment
  • Individuals’ rights and responsibilities at work
  • The effects of sexual harassment
  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment
  • Hostile working environments
  • Single incidents can constitute harassment
  • Harassment can occur even without intent
  • Responsibilities outside of the workplace
  • Conventions on ‘acceptable’ behaviour
  • Examples of sexual harassment incidents

Course structure and delivery

This course is delivered as an online self-paced training module. The module consists of 50 screens of content followed by an assessment of 10 randomised questions. Participants must answer all questions correctly in order to complete the course, and may review content and reattempt the assessment until it has been passed.
Most people will complete the course in 30-40 minutes. After completion, a personalised certificate can be printed.

About our Essentials series of courses

MCQ International offers a Comprehensive series and an Essentials series of courses. The Essentials series is ideal for general staff who require compliance training without investing too much time. Essentials courses can usually be completed in around 30 minutes, while our Comprehensive courses may take up to 120 minutes. For personnel who require a higher level of training (e.g. supervisors or at-risk groups) the Comprehensive series may be more suitable.

Additional unique tools and features

MCQ International’s compliance courses are supported by the flexible and powerful Ensignia® OCLMS platform. The course content also includes many unique features and customisation options that no other vendor can match.


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