Fair Trading for Customer Relations Compliance Training

Significant business risk surrounds every interaction and communication between your organisation and your customers. Increasing attention from regulators and the community mean that organisations need to be aware of and pro-actively manage this risk. Risks involve not only legal and financial penalties, but also a potentially damaging loss of reputation. Everyone who represents your organisation has the potential to breach the law, and it matters little whether or not the breach is intentional. This course helps pro-actively manage your risk through comprehensive and practical education.

What the course covers

The Fair Trading for Customer Relations course covers the following major subject areas:

  • Introduction to the fair trading laws
  • The Competition and Consumer Act
  • Individuals’ responsibilities under the law
  • Consequences of breaching fair trading law
  • A definition of misleading or deceptive conduct
  • Guiding principles and best practice
  • 8 high-danger areas to be aware of
  • A definition of unconscionable conduct
  • Areas where unconscionable conduct may arise
  • Guidelines for avoiding problems
  • Introducing the concept of misrepresentations
  • Unlawful direct and indirect misrepresentations
  • Consumer guarantees implied by law
  • Consequences of breaching consumer contracts
  • Product safety, defective and/or dangerous goods

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Course structure and delivery

This online course takes 80 to 110 minutes to complete, but may be completed over several sessions. Topics are organised into 6 modules, with each containing a short quiz. Every quiz must be passed to complete the course.

Refresher course is also available

The Fair Trading for Customer Relations full course content can be supplemented with our “refresher” version, which is specially designed to support periodic re-training of staff. The refresher course covers the same content as the full course, but in a more concise manner, and with a focus on reinforcing concepts and assessing knowledge.

Additional unique tools and features

High quality, comprehensive and engaging content is not all there is to our unique course offerings. Our courses are supported by the flexible and powerful Ensignia® platform. The course content also includes many unique features and customisation options that no other vendor can match.


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