holden-150x150In 2005 GM Holden needed a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver and track staff compliance training courses. MCQ International was engaged to develop the course content, and the Ensignia® LMS was chosen for the delivery platform. Ensignia is provided to Holden as a managed service; meaning that MCQI is responsible for ongoing provision, maintenance and support of the application.

Delivering Essential Staff Training

Holden is one of Australia’s largest employers with a culturally diverse workforce and encompassing roles as varied as factory workers, sales personnel, world-class design engineers, software developers and executive managers. When faced with a need to improve the reach of essential compliance training, the advantages of an online solution were compelling – for example, accessibility, ability to track results, low cost of delivery, ability to update information regularly. Therefore in 2005 Holden appointed MCQI as the provider of online services for its first-ever rollout of web-based training.

Ensignia: A Flexible and Easy Solution

Ensignia’s Learning Management System has been selected by Holden to deliver several essential compliance training courses and associated assessments. Ensignia is able to deliver several thousand courses and assessments to Holden staff with extremely low overheads for management. The software’s built-in support for an organisational hierarchy makes it easy for Holden management to assign courses to large groups of staff at one time, and to then monitor and report on the results of staff to ensure a high standard of participation in the program. The ability of Ensignia to flexibly incorporate Holden’s own corporate identity in the look and feel of its user interface enables the solution to fit in seamlessly with other Holden staff resources.

Tailored Course Development Solutions

The initial implementation of this project involved the development of some tailored course content for Holden. Working with content from our partners CCH Australia, MCQ International was able to provide a very comprehensive and perfectly tailored content package that covered the areas of importance to Holden and in the way that Holden preferred. As these courses were developed using the Ensignia Learning Content Management System, ongoing updates to the content are as easy to deliver as the courses themselves.

Fully Managed Application Service Provision

Holden’s installation of Ensignia is hosted, maintained and supported by MCQ International via a managed service that includes software updating, security management, 24 x 7 availability monitoring, server mirroring and data backups. With MCQ International ensuring the continuous operation of the application and its infrastructure we are able to remove the IT system support burden from Holden. This means that Holden is able to avoid the need to acquire specialised infrastructure and resources.