Information Security Awareness Online Training

This essential Information Security Awareness online training course aims to protect your organisation by arming your staff with a thorough awareness of a wide range of potential risks when dealing with commercial information and technology. With the world’s current reliance on rapidly expanding technologies that rely increasingly on sharing information around the globe, organisations have never been more at risk from information security breaches. The dangers of malicious “hackers” and software viruses are widely publicised, but your organisation’s greatest potential security threat may come from the innocent carelessness or unknowing action of your own well-meaning staff. With this training you can reduce that risk!

What the course covers

The Information Security Awareness training course covers the following major subject areas:

  • Introduction to information security
  • Why is information security important?
  • Impacts of information security breaches
  • Issues when using the internet
  • Recognising and dealing with suspicious emails
  • Handling of confidential documents
  • Protecting system login IDs and passwords
  • How to categorise information security risks
  • Interacting with visitors to the workplace
  • Best practice for handling electronic documents
  • Secure use of mobile devices
  • Working and communicating in public spaces
  • Using external or public computers
  • Using your home computer for work purposes

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Course structure and delivery

This online course takes 40 to 60 minutes to complete, but may be completed over several sessions. Topics are organised into 5 modules, with each containing a short quiz. Every quiz must be passed to complete the course.

Refresher course is also available

The Information Security Awareness full course content can be supplemented with our refresher course, which is specially designed to support periodic re-training of staff. The refresher course covers the same content as the full course, but in a more concise manner, and with a focus on reinforcing concepts and assessing knowledge.

Additional unique tools and features

High quality, comprehensive and engaging content is not all there is to our unique course offerings. Our courses are supported by the flexible and powerful Ensignia® platform. The course content also includes many unique features and customisation options that no other vendor can match.


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