McGraw-Hill Education

Since 2001 MCQ International has partnered with McGraw-Hill Education to deliver online assessments for tertiary and secondary students. Together we introduced to Australia the first Web-based study quiz resources that accompany textbooks, under the brand of MaxMark™. The MaxMark product range continues to grow each year, and in 2006 we introduced another first – mobile phone study quizzes.


Online Quizzing for Interactive Study

McGraw-Hill’s MaxMark range of textbooks are unique in that each book purchased by a student comes with access to a highly interactive, feedback-rich online quiz application powered by MCQ International’s Interactive Question Server™ (IQS) product. These extremely popular quizzes are structured with a quiz topic for each chapter of text, so students can work through the online quizzes as they work through the textbook. For students, each quiz acts as an online interactive study guide, providing them with revision of textbook material and guidance on their areas of strength and weakness.

Advanced Assessment Features

Apart from the standard advantages of online assessment delivery (such as accessibility, immediate results, rich content etc.), the MaxMark products have many additional advantages made possible by IQS. One of MaxMark’s key differentiators is that its content has been written specifically with extensive feedback in mind. Each question comes with two levels of feedback: the first basic level indicates the solution and a brief
explanation, and the second provides a much more comprehensive explanation. For many students, the brief feedback will suffice, but for those who still need more guidance, the second level is available. Each question is also cross-referenced to relevant pages in the textbook to assist
with further study. In addition, every quiz topic contains a large pool of questions and each time a student starts a quiz, they will be randomly presented with a different subset from this pool. As each new quiz attempt covers new material, students are motivated to return and study more. Students can compare their current performance against their historical results, so they can see their own improvement over time.

Large Scale and Reliable Delivery

Each year, students log in to complete MaxMark assessments more than 170,000 times, making the service one of the most-used educational online resources. The site supports a very broad range of web browsers and places low technical requirements on students’ computers so that accessibility is maximised. MCQ International provides and manages the system infrastructure and monitors the site around the clock. We consistently deliver over 99.9% service availability, which is literally accessed by students 24 hours a day.

The Next Step: Mobile Interactive Study

In 2006 MCQ International introduced the next advance in online interactive study guides: Mobile MaxMark™ for mobile phones and PDAs. The emerging handheld market is still in its infancy, just as the Internet was when MaxMark was first introduced, but we are proud to be keeping McGraw-Hill and its students at the forefront of exciting new technologies.