Colgate-Palmolive ordered to pay $18m for anti-competitive deal


Colgate-Palmolive has been penalised $18m by the ACCC for entering into anti-competitive understandings with laundry detergent competitors. These laws are covered in our Restrictive Trade Practices course. fined $20,000 for breaching Australian Privacy Principles

12/01/2016 has been penalised $20,000 by the OAIC for breaching Australian Privacy Principles by improperly disclosing its information collection policies and improperly disclosing personal information. Learn more about our Australian privacy law training.

Financial transactions suspected of terrorism links triple in past year – Austrac


Reported financial transactions suspected of being linked to terrorism tripled last year according to Austrac. For information on our Anti-money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing training, click here.

Coles guilty of unconscionable conduct under consumer laws


Coles has been fined $11.25M as part of a settlement with the ACCC after admitting to unconscionable conduct in its dealings with hundreds of suppliers. Click here for the story or find out more about MCQI’s Fair Trading course which covers unconscionable conduct.

ACCC overhaul of competition laws


ACCC has begun considering an overhaul of Aussie competition laws with the Harper Competition Review Draft Report.
Read more about the report here.

The recent celebrity security breach


The recent celebrity security breach highlights the importance of information security awareness. How aware are your people?
Learn more about our Information Security Awareness online training.

Tony Abbott backs down on racial discrimination changes


Tony Abbott has backed down on attempts to weaken the Racial Discrimination Act, in the face of public pressure. This is a good outcome for supporters of fair, free speech in Australia.

New Information Security Awareness course


We’re launching into the new financial year with a brand new Information Security Awareness course! Check it out here.

Heartbleed OpenSSL Flaw


We’d like to inform our clients and users of that our web servers are NOT affected by the ‘Heartbleed’ OpenSSL flaw.