Work Health & Safety Compliance Training

This popular Work Health & Safety (WHS) training module will provide staff at all levels of your organisation with a solid understanding of the importance of WHS in the workplace. Whether your work environment is an office setting, a construction site or a factory floor, the essential rights and obligations of staff and employers are explained in very practical terms. This course not only aims to impart knowledge about legal regulations and WHS concepts, but continually encourages each staff member to apply the knowledge to their own everyday situation, and to utilise concepts in practice.

What the course covers

The Work Health and Safety course covers the following major subject areas:

  • What is Work Health and Safety?
  • Why WHS is important in the workplace
  • Potential consequences of breaching WHS law
  • Employer and employee roles and responsibilities
  • The three stages of WHS Risk Management
  • How to identify hazards in the workplace
  • What can be done to control WHS risks
  • Monitoring and reviewing risk controls
  • Major accidents, minor accidents and near-misses
  • Considering direct and indirect causes of incidents
  • Reporting minor accidents and near misses
  • Preparing for fire and other emergencies
  • How to set up a safe work environment
  • Ergonomics and manual handling
  • Dealing with the most common workplace hazards

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Course structure and delivery

This online course takes 80 to 110 minutes to complete, but may be completed over several sessions. Topics are organised into 6 modules, with each containing a short quiz. Every quiz must be passed to complete the course.

Refresher course is also available

The Work Health and Safety full course content can be supplemented with our refresher course, which is specially designed to support periodic re-training of staff. The refresher course covers the same content as the full course, but in a more concise manner, and with a focus on reinforcing concepts and assessing knowledge.

Additional unique tools and features

High quality, comprehensive and engaging content is not all there is to our unique course offerings. Our courses are supported by the flexible and powerful Ensignia® platform. The course content also includes many unique features and customisation options that no other vendor can match.


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