Online assessment has a core capability of MCQ International since the company was incorporated to commercialise an online assessment engine developed at the University of Sydney in 1996.

One of our most commonly asked questions is: What does MCQ stand for?
The answer: Multiple Choice Questions; linking to our roots in online assessment.

We have since evolved to provide a broader range of service offerings; but online assessments are still a key component of many of our solutions.

Our assessment technology is currently servicing:

  • Major universities, schools and colleges;
  • Government departments;
  • Large and small corporations;
  • National publishers, covering a wide range of subject areas; and
  • Industry associations and not-for-profit bodies.

In addition to assisting with content creation and software products, we also offer a managed service under an Application Service Provision model in order to provide you with a complete, turn-key solution.
All that you and your candidates require is a standard Web browser.

MCQ International’s Assessment Services

The assessment-related services we offer can assist you to:

  • Design, develop and/or conduct formative or summative exams;
  • Develop and deliver online quizzes to support learning or training processes;
  • Add a supplementary assessment component to existing teaching/training resources;
  • Evaluate individuals’ performance or knowledge in specific areas;
  • Provide diagnostic feedback to individuals or management showing areas of knowledge strength or weakness;
  • Measure the overall effectiveness of education or training programs;
  • Gather market research or in-house research about product or issue awareness and attitudes;
  • Conduct comparative pre and post-event evaluations; and
  • Enhance motivation of staff or students through regular evaluation of knowledge or task performance.

MCQ International’s Survey Services

The services we can provide to assist you in developing and/or conducting electronic surveys include:

  • Survey design and item authoring;
  • Development of online survey content and applications;
  • Hosting, support and maintenance of the survey software and database;
  • Secure delivery options for sensitive data gathering;
  • Analysis of results, including advanced statistical analyses;
  • Preparation of reports, tables and graphs to present results; and
  • Sending invitations to participants and completion reminders via email or sms.