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The need to implement well-structured and accountable compliance programs continues to increase in importance. For organisations of any size this is no easy task, given the complexity of business dealings and the constant growth of legislative and industry regulation.

MCQ International offers a range of high quality courses in key compliance areas, including a sophisticated delivery and training management platform enabling you to tailor courses and build customised training programs for your organisation.

“We focus entirely on courses that protect you and your organisation from business risks. We don’t offer a grab-bag of hundreds of courses on random topics. We do corporate compliance training, and we do it best.

We offer two options for your compliance training needs: our Comprehensive Courses each require around 1.5 - 2 hours to complete, and cover a given subject area in depth, suitable for management training and areas where compliance risks are higher. Our Essentials Courses each take around 25-40 minutes to complete, are more focused on specific training topics, and are suitable for all staff.

You are free to mix-and-match courses from both series when developing your training program.

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