Sexual Harassment Awareness Compliance Training

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This Sexual Harassment Awareness course is an invaluable tool in helping to make your workplace free of incidents involving inappropriate sexual conduct. Despite strong media attention and legislative focus, sexual harassment still remains the most prevalent form of harassment in the workplace.

This course is suitable for staff at all levels and is relevant for all workplaces, aiming to educate generally about the negative impacts of harassment and also to challenge widely held misconceptions about what sexual harassment is. Workplace education on the issues and challenges surrounding this complex topic is the most effective method of encouraging compliance with legislation and helping to avoid problems.

What the course covers

The Sexual Harassment Awareness training course covers the following major subject areas:

  • A definition of sexual harassment
  • The legal framework for sexual harassment
  • Individuals’ rights and responsibilities at work
  • The importance of workplace policies
  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment
  • Hostile working environment sexual harassment
  • Single incidents can constitute harassment
  • Harassment can occur even if there is no intent
  • Responsibilities extend outside of the workplace
  • How to respond to an incident of sexual harassment
  • The role and responsibilities of management
  • Proactive prevention of sexual harassment.

Course structure and delivery

This online course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete, but may be completed over multiple sessions. Topics are organised into 5 modules, with each containing a short quiz. Every quiz must be passed in order to complete the course.

Advanced course features

Our courses are designed with accessibility and convenience in mind. All courses feature:

  • 24 x 7 online availability from anywhere
  • Learners can complete course content over multiple sessions
  • Content can be viewed on computers, tablet devices and even mobile phones
  • Interactive exercises and variety of presentation styles increase engagement
  • Courses include optional audio narration for content and scenarios
  • Up-to-date real-world and hypothetical examples to illustrate concepts
  • Accessibility options such as dark mode and reader view for the visually impaired.

Refresher course also available

The Sexual Harassment Awareness full course content can be supplemented with our refresher version of the course, which is designed to support periodic re-training of staff. The refresher course covers the same topic areas as the full course, but in a more concise manner, and with a focus on reinforcing concepts and assessing knowledge.

Additional unique tools and features

High quality, comprehensive and engaging content is not all there is to our unique course offerings. Our courses are supported by the flexible and powerful Online Compliance Learning Management System (OCLMS) platform. The platform also includes many unique administration features and customisation options that enable you to present a consistent and appealing experience.

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