Online Induction Training Programs

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MCQ International can help you set up and implement a structured, easily administered, self-monitoring system, using your existing induction content or helping you to develop new content.

After your induction training is set up online, you’ll be amazed at how little ongoing effort is required to manage and maintain the program at an excellent standard.

Create engaging, assessable induction programs

MCQ International can help you develop a comprehensive induction program to welcome and train staff and contractors to your organisation. We can work to adapt your existing materials in whatever form they take, or we can help you develop a brand-new program based on our experience and our own library of content.

Take advantage of our online compliance course library

Most induction programs include coverage of regulatory compliance issues such as Work Health and Safety, Equal Employment Opportunity, sexual harassment, privacy, cyber-security, etc. When you work with MCQ International, you have access to our range of excellent online compliance courses covering all these critical knowledge areas and more.

Take it easy with our hosted learning management platform

MCQ International has more than two decades of experience in delivering online learning solutions via a managed service model, which means that we take care of all technical and infrastructure issues. You are not required to install special software or to maintain your own server hardware. We also manage daily backups of data and offer 24 x 7 monitoring of servers.

Automate processes to reduce your ongoing effort

Whether your organisation is large or small, our sophisticated learning management system automates and simplifies many of the tasks required to administer an ongoing induction program. On-demand reports give you up-to-the-second information about inductees’ performace, and our web-based management interface puts complete control at your fingertips.

Quality-assured induction

By conducting your induction program online with tools to automate progress monitoring and reporting, you not only benefit from a more efficient training method, you also ensure a consistent quality of your inductions. All inductees will receive a consistent level of training covering everything that is required, every time.

Assess and record learning outcomes

Our online induction programs include online assessments to ensure that inductees have completed the program and have an adequate level of understanding of important content points. Online reports also provide you with evidence that each inductee has completed training and achieved your required standards.

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